These Are George R.R. Martin’s Most Favorite Fantasy and Sci-Fi Films

George R.R. Martin has captured the attention of audiences with “Game of Thrones,” but which films and TV shows capture the producer/writer’s attention?

Though the widespread appeal of obsession over HBO’s fantasy drama series Game of Thrones is undeniable, it was hardly predictable. What started out as a epic fantasy series by already successful novelist George R.R. Martin grew into a cultural phenomenon after it was adapted into one of HBO’s most successful TV shows ever.

Whether you’ve been a fan of Martin’s work since the release of the first installment of A Song of Ice and Fire in 1996 or are just a die-hard Game of Thrones nut, Fandor has put together a video revealing the fantasy and science fiction films that GRRM holds dear.

Here’s a list of Martin’s favorite fantasy/sci-fi films:

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